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We are a full service creative marketing agency committed to delivering ideas that bring personality into digital spaces, ensuring that brands will be remembered. Our Squid bring a range of skills and quirks to the table that enable us to provide businesses with high quality and unique websites. Specialising in Silverstripe CMS but also flexible working with a range of platforms, we write content guaranteed to turn into business growth.

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Why Squid web deisgn? 

We offer a personalised experience and understand that not all businesses fit into one template. We pride ourselves on being quirky and bringing your stories and personality to life in the digital marketing world. Our Squid take the time to learn about your brand so that they can ensure your digital presence is relevant and that your brand is portrayed online the same as it would be in person. Website designs and digital strategies are tailor made to fit your business needs and ultimately to turn your business into an online legacy.

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Provide a full digital experience your customers understand

Our focus is your customer, what they need, and how we can provide the best possible UX. This digital experience provides multiple touch points with industry leading designers and developers to build a website your customers enjoy using.

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Marketing Insights

Our creative Squid have uncovered some marketing secrets from the darkest areas of the ocean, take a look at some of our marketing insights.

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